Thursday, 22 March 2012

Nothing to post for a while!

And the reason for that is this little bundle of mischief!!

Tabitha came to join us almost a fortnight ago after we lost our beautiful Tilly in February half term :-( and she is as much of a little madam as Tilly was!

If you have seen photos of Tilly you will know how scarily similar looking they are but this was not intentional! When I was told there was a grey tabby and White kitten in need of a home I immediately thought of the little one on the Whiskas cat food boxes, but I was wrong!

This little bundle of mischief, plus me working almost full time for he last 5 weeks has left mr with very little time for crafting - or anything else for that matter!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A lovely award

I have been given a lovely award from 2 of my friends, but am not quite sure how to link to it using the Ipad so please bear with me while i give it a try!

Claire is my Stampin Up upline and runs all the fantastic classes I go to on Friday mornings. She also does a quarterly all-day class and is starting a Wednesday evening class to! Any local crafters who are interested in joining one of claire's classes please contact her via her site

The other award came from Andria who is a forum friend from

And her amazing work can be found here:

Thank you to both of you, now I just need to work out how to get the actual award on here!!!