Saturday, 7 April 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

Having joined in this weekend's bloghop as organised by Redrottie over on Doctafts, i had a quick look back through my posts from this year to read the lovely comments people have left, and realised i never did get round to copying and pasting my list of new year's resolutions! So here they are, a little late (in the same way that Joseph' birthday / Christmas thank you cards are!!!) bit here nonetheless...

1. Tidy my craft desk and keep it that way, with only my current project (card, notebook, photo frame, candle, etc) left on it and any bits I am still using for the project on my work mat!
2. Post more regularly on the Docrafts forum and make a conscious effort to comment on cards in galleries when I look at them.
3. Use up what I have - piles and piles of paper and every other type of craft stash and not buy any more unless it's essentials (glue, DST, foam pads, card blanks NOTHING ELSE!!!!) until I start making some money from either selling things I have made or selling unused/unwanted stash, clothes, etc on eBay!
4. Make my Christmas cards throughout the year.
5. Actively look for selling opportunities in the local area AND sell at them!
6. Spend less time on the iPad and more time upstairs creating!

So, now for a quick review...

1. Started off well and stayed that way for the first couple of weeks of January but then I started getting lots of supply teaching work and if I was working an afternoon I often had to abandon things half-finished in order to go to work, or would craft downstairs while watching tv (eg cutting and assembling decoupage) and that would all end up piled on the desk too, until such a time as I could use it for a card (there are still some sitting there now!!)
2. Again, until life was taken over by work I was doing well with this one, but in my defence there are also a lot less posts on the forum to read / comment on at the moment!
3. Oops!
4. Ooops!
5. I have been to one sale (sold one card and some car boot-type stuff!), was turned down for another event because they already had someone selling cards, and have 2 more events in June to make contact about, plus my local craft shop is going to sell my cards (with my profits being donated to and a friend has offered to take a selection into her office and see if they sell so not doing too badly on that front!
6. Once again, until work took over I wasn't doing too badly on this one!

I guess I should now head off upstairs and make some Christmas cards with the tonnes of Christmas stash I still have piled up around the bedroom, then I will be back on track with my resolutions!


alifrew said...

Wow, you're brave!!!! I'd be far too scared to look back at my resolutions. I would guess I haven't kept any of them though!! Well done to you, sounds like you're doing well xx

Wendy Fraser said...

Well done! I made one resolution, to start a blog which I've done. Happy Easter xx

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