Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW 2.1.2013

Having made much more of an effort with my blog last year (partly helped by the purchase of an iPhone and the discovery of the Blogger app, I have decided that this year I am going to attempt to take part in WOYWW... in an effort to make myself keep my desk tidy(ish) as people will be seeing photos of it!!!

So, here we have the first photo of my desk for 2013. I spent most of NYE sorting, tidying and even (shock, horror!) THROWING OUT and now once more have a space I can actually work in!

The shelf part of the desk is my main storage for my ink pads at the moment but the lower shelf is my newly cleaned workspace! To the left of the photo is a stack of now-finished cards that have been sitting unfinished since the Christmas cards were first started! On the working space is the remains of a sheet of toppers I started using last night, plus the card blanks to put them on along with a couple of other paper scraps that I am also going to use on these very basic 'quick' birthday cards to put in my 'stock' box!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hi there, welcome to WOYWWERS, it's fun but addictive. Funnily enough I've just been looking at holiday cottages up your way for July! Can you recommend a nice area to head for?
Happy New Year!
LLJ 31 xxxx

Ali H said...

Admirably neat & tidy - great way to start your new crafty year ! Ali #121

Anne said...

Hi Laura good to see you on WOYWW. Happy New Year Anne x #120 ( Danma from KraftKrazy Forum)

Julia Dunnit said...

Welcome to WOYWW, I've yet to meet the crafter who actually keeps her desk tidy for WOYWW, bunts you could be first! lots to see on there that a set of calligraphy nibs in the white tray? Im rubbish at it, but I like a bit of calligraphy. And you keep all your punches in nice bowls?!!!

Laura said...

No, not calligraphy nibs sorry Julia, the White tray actually holds a craft knife with 6 different shaped blades!

And (you'll love this!) the 'nice bowl' is actually a pile of rolls of DST which the corner punch is sitting on top of!!!!

April Story said...

Welcome! I think I could have a mile of desk top and no space to craft. LOL
April #133

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