Friday, 11 September 2009

Oh dear!!!

This is a card I made during the summer for the DoCrafts forum Friendship card exchange in August. The challenge was to use something the recipeint said they like... the lady I sent this to likes cats, buttons, red, black and blue - I think I met the requirements! lol
This was the first time I have used buttons on a card or scrapbooking layout and I was actually quite pleased with myself - I CAN sew I just choose not to (as anyone who has seen the bag of badges ready to go on my camp blanket will know!!) but they look really good so maybe this will be the start of something new (when I have used up lots of my stash which is taking over the spare room!!! and got some money! lol)
Well I have definitely failed in the task of keeping this blog up to date!

The summer holidays disappered in a blur of catching up with old friends and people I have not seen for a long time finishing with my high school reunion which I organised and which was fantastic!

The weather was so awful we didn't manage to get anything done that we had planned for the house - namely the drive!!

Tigger has grown loads and is now allowed out in the garden (supervised!!!) as he has had his vaccinations!

I have got a long list of cards that I need to make for orders (and 12 invitations for our nephew's christening to finish - but the new ink cartridge we got for the printer doesn't work!!) so should really be getting on with them!

I have a new job - Recpetion teacher at the school I was at last year, covering maternity leave from October 5th for the rest of the year, been in this week to meet the children, going to be great fun with 10 children until Christmas as the other 18 don't start until January! Really enjoyed being in Reception with them this week, got a 4-day first aid course to look forward to next week (hmmm...!!) then a week in Nursery and playgroup before going back to Reception for the last week before they become my class!


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