Friday, 14 August 2009

Oh dear, looks like I failed in my task of keeping my blog up-to-date!!!

This is the first year when I have actually had a summer holiday! Until I started teaching I worked every summer holiday. At the end of my first year of teaching I moved to Chirk and spent the summer trying to throw out things I could live without and update my CV to get it out to local schools. At the end of my second year we moved into our own house and spent the holidays doing work on it and last year of course we got married (and I spent the week before the wedding at an international Guide camp!)

So we have spent the holidays doing not a lot - watching tv, doing various jobs around the house, watching tv, rearranging the spare room, watching tv, building bookcases, watching tv, went to the races a couple of weeks ago and I have managed to make some cards (only quick ones, nothing too exciting and certainly not worth posting on here!!) and complete some scrapbook pages... in my DLO per month I am now upto May, have matted the photos and stuck them on to the page, just need to add some journalling and embellishments!!

Anders and I spent a lovely weekend in Devon with Naomi (my best friend from uni, who was my chief bridesmaid), Mark and Luke the weekend of our anniversary and I have been out for meals with various friends which I don't often get time to do when we are at school!

Tonight we went out for dinner with my mum and a family who I used to babysit for when the girls were little (they were like the little sisters I never had but I didn't have to live with them!!) The older 2 were 5 and 3 when I first babysat for them, they are now 18 and almost 16 and their little sister (who was 6 last time I looked after them) is now 11 - they have been living in Indonesia for the last 5 years and I haven't seen them in all that time, managed to get back in touch through Facebook and managed to arrange to meet up while they are all back here for a visit! I can't believe the oldest is now off to uni and the middle one is coming back to the UK to do her A levels! Where has that time gone?! I was amazed at some of the things the older 2 remembered from all those years ago!

Must try harder to update my blog, not done too well so far!!


Sheena said...

Hi Laura,
Just doing a bit of catching up myself in blogland, the time can pass so quickly without you realising it - but it's been over a month since I blogged!
Good to hear you're having a nice summer watching TV!! lol

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