Sunday, 10 July 2011

It's been a while!

As the title says, it's been a while since I was last here!

I have spent most of the year making thank you cards - firstly for Joseph's presents when he was born (and Christmas presents) and then for my birthday presents and Joseph's christening gifts! Now the thank yous have all been sent I have been able to get back to creating rather than mass-producing!!!

We recently held a fundraising bring and buy sale to raise money for our Brownies and Rainbows, at which I sold about £20 worth of my cards... this weekend a friend of mine has had a fundraising funday with her work, raising money for Hope House Children's Hospice on the Wirral. I gave her 87 cards to sell with a percentage of the sales being donated to the fundraising (as other people selling items were also doing) and they sold £40 worth of cards yesterday!

So I now need to collect back the cards she's got left and see what occasions I'm short of so I can get making again! I have got some cards to add on here but since buying my IPad (30th birthday present!) I haven't been on the laptop much but can't figure out how to blog from the IPad (or even if I can!!) so I now have to make myself find time to switch the laptop on, upload my photos and then add my cards to my blog! Fingers crossed I will manage to upload at least one this week (between working, babysitting and entertaining Joseph!)


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