Friday, 6 January 2012


Ok, so I can now blog from my iPad so I have no excuse for not keeping this up to date, especially as I am hoping to be expanding Cards by Laura into a small business this year, and hopefully branching out into a few thing other than cards and invitations! All still in the planning stage at the moment but I have been busy creating over the last few days so just need to take some photos tomorrow (using my new photography box thing Anders got me for Christmas, which requires Anders taking Joseph out for an hour or 2 so I can have a bit of a play! One of my other Christmas presents (from my parents) was an Ottlite daylight's amazing! I can craft at any time of day or night and still get my colours to match without annoying yellow tinge the usual light has making me think things match when they don't! I have saved my new years resolutions on a forum I am on so am going to find that and copy and paste them onto my blog so all my followers can check up on how I'm doing! But first I am off to do some more creating (having suddenly had a flash of inspiration that I don't always have to listen to music while I'm up there - I can have a DVD on in the background as we have a TV and DVD player up there, just no TV signal, not sure why this didn't occur to me months ago!?!) and watch the end of the Coronation Street Romanian Holiday DVD my MIL lent me sometime last year(!) while my little monkey (who celebrated his first birthday on December 23rd!) is asleep! Back later with some resolutions and hopefully a photo or 2 ready for the weekend bloghop (a resolution I forgot to include on my first list, I think I may have made too many now!)


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