Friday, 16 November 2012

A child in need

After hearing how much money some people working for Children in Need get paid, I have decided not to donate to them this year but instead to donate directly to one child who is in need. Evie is one of my Rainbows, she is 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. As a result of this she cannot walk and relies on a wheelchair. Her family, friends and supporters have been desperately raising money to enable her to have an operation which will hopefully enable her to walk. Unfortunately, just as we were approaching the £30,000 needed for the operation, Evie's mum received the awful news that the surgeon who had agreed to carry out the operation was moving on from the hospital where he worked and would no longer be able to help. This left only one option, to turn to the USA. This meant resubmitting an application and a very nervous, worrying time for Evie's amazing mum, Donna. After an agonising week or 2 of anxiously checking for emails from America, Donna received fantastic news yesterday...Evie has been accepted for the SDR operation at St Louis in the USA! Now we just need to meet her new fundraising target of £50,000 to get her there!

If you can join me in making a small donation to a child in need today, i would be very grateful. Thank you.


Wendy L said...

Well done you. I will not donate to big charities as they do pay their staff loads. I found out years ago that at World Wildlife Fund 95p of every pound is used for staff and admin.xxxx

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