Sunday, 28 February 2010

Not a lot to report!

Hopefully you will forgive me for not posting in 2 weeks - we spent half term in Las Vegas (flying via Philadelphia, where the airport had been closed the week before due to snow and I was very worried we weren't going to get there... but we did!!) and it took us a few days to get back into the swing of things!

6 hours with 31 Reception and Year 1 children on 3 hours sleep is not much fun, but it's what I did on Tuesday - couldn't get to sleep until gone 3am and the alarm goes off just after 6 for Anders to get ready for work!

I have to admit the week flew by and we are now well and truly back into the swing of things.... and counting down the days until the Easter holidays (4 weeks and 4 days in our county; I know some people only have 4 weeks to go!!)

I have been to my scrapbooking crop at Polka Dot Crafts here in Chirk today - the first scrapbooking I have done in 2010! and apart from a few embellishments which need adding to a couple of pages, I have finished my 12x12 book 'A Year In Our Lives... 2009' - I am not going to attempt one that size this year, I may do an 8x8 but I haven't decided yet so the photos are staying safely on the camera/laptop/CDs for now!!

I haven't made any more cards since coming back from America, but do have a few orders to get on with!

My mum has almost emptied my stock of 'stand by' cards for the basket she has at work and sells for me, so I need to get a move on with making some more... I have lots of stamped images which are now coloured in and sitting in a pile on my desk, but instead of using those up and building the collection of cards up again, I have bought a whole load of new stamps and just sat and stamped them so I can do some more colouring with my fab Copics! Polka Dot Crafts have a lot to answer for... Thanks Claire!!! if you want to know more about them!!


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